Industrial Textile Covers & Straps
Stan Fogg & Son manufacture a large range of industrial textile covers and straps. They are all custom made to meet your exact specifications in terms of size, properties and design. Many products are supplied within aviation, engineering, construction, road haulage, motoring and many other industrial areas.

Stan Fogg & Son have a vast array of fabrics at their disposal to ensure that the right materiaStan Fogg & Son Industrial Textile Covers & Strapsls are used for your specific requirements.


Industrial uses include:

q       Confinement of contaminants

q       Weather protection for open areas

q       Screening around welding areas

q       Separation of work areas

q       Protection from sparks & hazardous debris

q       Reduction of heat & cold loss

 Stan Fogg & Son Industrial Textile Covers & Straps

Other features of the custom design include:

q       Made to any size or physical specification

q       Double-fold sewn hems

q       Can by coated on both sides

q       Heavy duty grommets

q       Bottom hem for additional weights if required

q       Choice of colours and custom design

q       Doors, wind relief vents, velcro strips and windows can be added to curtains



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